Business Introduction
Financial Support
Social Solidarity Bank has committed to creating social capital, self-reliance of vulnerable groups, social enterprise entrepreneurs and investing in diverse businesses for social business, creating jobs and solving social problems.

Through this, socially vulnerable classes and social innovation entrepreneurs can acquire opportunities to pursue their dreams and live today with hope and expectation of tomorrow.
  • Funding for start-up and management improvement
  • Customized financial support for each stage of growth
  • Connect the funds with crowd funding
  • Support social venture commercialization development cost
  • Support for college students' debts (Termination)
  • Support for securing right to receive national pension rights for vulnerable classes (Termination)
Support Growth
Social Solidarity Bank supports management consulting, networking, mentoring, seminars, and connect with experts in field and local resources in order to improve the operational continuity and self-reliance of small sized entrepreneurs and social economic organizations.

Through this, it is possible to improve the management environment of small businessmen and social economic organizations, and to establish a business ecosystem so that founders can grow steadily.
  • Improve business environment of small business owners
  • Discover and develop social entrepreneurs
  • Consult management technology
  • Free legal consultation and psychological counseling services
  • Support the networking and education for each industries
Social Solidarity Bank provides financial education and consulting services to strengthen self-reliance capacity and quality of life for the socially vulnerable classes, and supports systematic education for social participation after retirement of seniors.

Through this, we can go a step closer to society where vulnerable groups act as healthy neighbors and members of society and can live together.
  • Financial education for vulnerable groups
  • Education for youth vision
  • Education for Social participation of senior
  • Training for the Establishment ability
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